Femme is actually an expression made use of in LGBT customs to explain somebody that conveys on their own in a generally female option.

Femme is actually an expression made use of in LGBT customs to explain somebody that conveys on their own in a generally female option.

There are some other personal information around the extent of femme, for instance a€?low femmea€™, a€?high femmea€™, and a€?hard femmea€™. You will want tona€™t start using these keywords about people if you do not know the two discover together.

Concerns one that an enchanting and/or sex-related direction towards males. Additionally a generic phase for lesbian and gay sex – some female describe themselves as homosexual versus lesbian. Some non-binary customers could also identify using this name.


Often indicated in terms of masculinity and womanliness, gender is basically culturally determined and it’s presumed from the gender allocated at delivery.

a€‹Gender dysphoria

Regularly illustrate whenever people experiences aches or hurt because there is a mismatch between their unique intercourse allocated at delivery as well as their gender identification.

This really is the medical prognosis for a person whona€™t feel comfortable aided by the intercourse they were assigned at birth.

a€‹Gender appearance

How someone selects to outwardly show their unique sex, through the setting of social targets of gender. Someone who cannot follow societal objectives of gender cannot, however, diagnose as trans.

a€‹Gender identification

A persona€™s natural sense of unique sex, whether male, female or something otherwise (read non-binary below), that could or cannot correspond to the sexual intercourse assigned at delivery.

a€‹Gender reassignment

One other way of describing a persona€™s transition. To endure sex reassignment usually means to have some kind of medical intervention, but it really could also imply modifying figure, pronouns, dressing differently and surviving in their own self-identified gender.

Gender reassignment is actually a distinctive that will be safe by way of the equivalence function 2010, and it’s also even more translated through the equivalence operate 2010 approved code of practise. It is actually a phrase of a great deal of contention and its the one that Stonewall’s Trans Advisory cluster feels should really be reviewed.a€‹

Sex Acknowledgment Certificates (GRC)

This allows trans folks to feel lawfully known within their affirmed gender so to feel given with an all new delivery certification. Not all trans people will sign up for a GRC and also you actually have to become over 18 to make use of.

It’s not necessary a GRC to modify your sex marking of working in order to legally reprogram your sex on other paperwork instance your own travel document.

a€‹Gillick knowledge

A term found in healthcare guidelines to make the decision whether a kid (under 16 years of age) has the capacity to consent to their own medical treatment, with no parental approval or wisdom.

Grey (sex-related and intimate)

Often referred to as grey-A, this really is a canopy phase which talks of individuals that experiences attraction from time to time, hardly ever, or simply under specific problems. People might also need conditions such as for instance homosexual, bi, lezzie, direct and queer together okcupid sign in with gray to describe the direction of passionate or erotic interest since they experiences it.


Is about a man who has got a romantic and/or intimate direction towards female and to a girl who suffers from an intimate and/or erectile direction towards guy.


This might be regarded a much more health name familiar with explain somebody who has an intimate and/or sex-related alignment towards some body of the identical sex. The term a€?gaya€™ has a lot more generally speaking used.


Worries or hate of a person, determined bias or negative perceptions, beliefs or perspective about lezzie, homosexual or bi anyone. Homophobic bullying could be geared towards people that are, or who are thought of getting, lesbian, homosexual or bi.


An expression utilized to explain a person who has the neurological attributes of both genders or whoever biological qualities don’t fit with societal assumptions just what constitutes man or woman.

Intersex consumers may determine as male, female or non-binary.

Stonewall harmonizes with intersex communities to provide its couples and stakeholders critical information and research about regions of problem experienced by intersex someone but doesn’t, after discussions with people in the intersex community, put intersex dilemmas as an element of the existing remit during this period.


Represents a lady who may have a romantic and/or intimate alignment towards females. Some non-binary individuals can even recognize using this name.


The fear or detest of somebody because they are or were sensed for a lesbian.a€‹


The acronym for lesbian, homosexual, bi, trans, queer, curious about and serve.


a canopy label for folks whoever sex recognition doesna€™t remain comfortably with a€?mana€™ or a€?womana€™. Non-binary identities are actually diverse and can include individuals who discover with a bit of facets of digital identifications, whilst others refuse them totally.